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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day










If you want to save money on your wedding, let Tasty Table Catering show you a few pointers to achieve your goal.  Tasty Table Catering is one of the caterers in the Philadelphia and Mainline areas that are near you that will do all we can to help you save money.  Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Host your special day during off-peak days and hours

Host your event during the week or on a Sunday to save money. Have the wedding in the offseason- the winter- to save even more money. Furthermore, if you have guests traveling far away for the reception, work with the venue to offer discount hotel rooms.  Tasty Table Catering can assist you with your event regardless of the date.

Choose to not have an open bar

Choose not to have and open bar

Have beer, wine, and just a few select liquor options instead of a full open bar to keep costs down. Your guests may be disappointed so have just the right amount so that everyone is happy and gets the choice of drink that they want. An open bar is costly and so is hiring a bartender. Another way to cut down on costs is to have your guests make their own drink at perhaps a bar station- it is fun for them and saves you money. The guests may be appreciative of not having a bartender because in that case there is no need to tip.

  1. Don’t use fresh flowers as the centerpieces- be creative instead

A fraction of the wedding budget goes directly towards flowers, so to save money put something else in the centerpieces. Perhaps use something that is not perishable- think lights, bird cages, or mason jars. By using something that is not perishable, you also win because you can keep the centerpieces as a souvenir to always remember.

  1. Email “Save the Dates” instead of sending them through the mail

By spending less on invitations, more money can go towards things that are usable in the long run. Emailing “Save the Dates” will cut down on stamp money- which actually adds up. A “Save the Date” is important- but the way you communicate it is even more important. Everyone checks their emails more than they go to the mailbox- so perhaps investing less in the “Save the Dates” and just emailing them is actually more feasible. In turn, both you and your guests will be happier and look forward even more to your special day.

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