Tips For Planning a Vegan Wedding

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Tips For Planning a Vegan Wedding

Planning a vegan wedding can be a challenge. First, your friends and family may accuse you of forcing your diet onto them. First and foremost, this is your day. The day that you and your soulmate will remember for the rest of your life. You have to remember this and begin to plan for your vegan wedding.

1.  Alcohol Can you believe it. Some alcohol can be made with animal products. But alas, there is vegan alcohol. Check with your bartender who should be advised prior to the event that you would like alcohol that doesn’t contain gelatin, egg whites or sea shells. Better yet, have the bartender check some of the alcohol for vegan websites that are available. This will ensure they provide you with alcohol that is vegan friendly.

2.  Photography If your photographer uses digital equipment, there is nothing left to be said. However; traditional photography development involves using an animal product, gelatin. Also remember to request an animal-free option for your wedding book. Faux leather is a good option for the album.
3.  Food Ensure you tell your caterer you want a vegan wedding cake as well as food. As with any caterer, ensure you have a sampling. Tasty Table Catering is eager to allow you to sample our fare. It is important for the caterer of your choice to be able to handle your vegan event.

Planning a vegan wedding is going to require a little more thought and effort.  The most important thing to remember is to keep perspective on how this is just one day, how you are in control of your choices, and that this party is all about celebrating that love-of-your-life you’ve found! The details above have to be sorted through, too, but take deep breaths and just be you.  Remember, this is just an extension of your lifestyle and it is your day.  Take your time, breathe deep and know that Tasty Table Catering will ensure your wedding will be done with exceptional taste and style, and cruelty-free lifestyle is exhibited in your special day.  Tasty Table Catering will ensure all your ingredients are in compliance with your lifestyle.


But this is your day and it should be perfect. Follow these tips and enjoy your very vegan wedding!

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