Good Business Lunches Are All About Planning

Have you been tasked with planning your next business lunch for your office? You might be feeling a tad overwhelmed. It’s a big responsibility to have to organize a successful business lunch and you have to keep in mind trying to impress your colleagues and fellow working professionals you will be dining with.

At Tasty Table Catering serving all of Philadelphia, we understand the challenge of planning a business lunch, and that’s why we offer our premier catering services to make your life easier. Our reputation precedes us with a number of loyal customers, many staying with us almost as long as we’ve been open – almost 2 decades! The catering services we specialize in include corporate catering, breakfast catering, and luncheon catering services.

In this blog, we’ll look at a few tips that will help to make your business lunch a success.

It Really Does Come Down To The Budget

Before you can truly start planning your business lunch, it’s important to have a predetermined budget in mind. While you don’t want to appear frugal to your employees, you certainly don’t want to break your company’s bank account. If it helps to have a visual, create a flowchart on the various items you’ll need to factor into your budget. This may include renting a venue, hiring a band, and a catering staff.

Budget is the first thing you should consider before starting planning. On one hand you don’t want to appear too frugal to your employees, you also don’t want to break the companies bank account. A flowchart can be a good tool to use for this stage. You can create a flowchart to show the various items that will go into your budget. This can include renting a venue, hiring catering staff, and any other services required for your event.

Selecting The Right Catering Company

Corporate Event Catering Philadelphia

After budget comes deciding your preferred catering company of choice. The appeal of a catering company is to be able to offer high-quality meals for your clients without the need to go to a restaurant. You can dine as if you were treating your guests to a classy restaurant without having to leave the meeting location. Ask your caterer to provide you with a custom menu, and decide whether you want a buffet style lunch or plated dinner.

A professional catering not only delivers food, but also will set up your entire event space in advance of your clients arriving. You won’t have to worry about setting the table, silverware, chairs, and you can instead focus on other tasks such as presentations and employee training.

At Tasty Table Catering serving Philadelphia, we’ve successfully catered hundreds of business and corporate lunches, and we take great pride in providing our clients with superior service. Before you reach out to our professional catering team to learn how we can assist you, make sure you know:

  • The number of guests you plan to have at your lunch
  • The ideal seating arrangement for your employees
  • If there will be any lectures or presentations

Location, Location, Location – what’s right for you Event?

If you’re not keen on hosting your corporate lunch meeting inside your office, it’s time to start looking for a perfect location/venue. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to planning a business lunch, since you’ll want the location to be accessible for everyone attending. Many businesses like to host their business luncheons in large hotels that are in popular areas of the city. By having your corporate lunch or event in a general area, it will make it easier on your guests in the long run.

Partnering With Tasty Table Catering

If you’re looking for a corporate catering company in the Philadelphia area, contact the catering team at Tasty Table Catering today. We can help you devise the perfect customized menu for your business lunch that meets your dietary needs and budget.