#1 Catering Request by the Corporate Office

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It might be challenging to run a successful catering business because it is already oversaturatd with businesses that provide catering services to diverse clients for events ranging from corporate gatherings to wedding receptions. However, if you are able to market your services and provide outstanding customer service effectively, your catering business will undoubtedly rise to the top of the industry. One of the best ways to upgrade your business is to understand and cater for the catering clients’ top requests. 

Tasty Table Catering always honors the request of their corporate clients first and foremost. But what are the #1 catering requests of the corporate clients? Let’s have a look at those requests in this article. 

  • Should be Punctual 

I think the major services every corporate client requires from any catering service is that they should be punctual. No delay in delivery of food is acceptable. As corporate companies usually do not have time to wait for the meal. That’s why they value those who don’t leave any room for any inordinate delays. Thus, when offering buffet in any office or business gathering, everything should be on time. 

  • Accurate Billing 

Corporate clients want accurate billing from the catering services. The budget to corporate clients is very important and thus requiring clear billings for only the services received. At Tasty Table Catering, this aspect is conscientiously taken care of. 

  • Deals and discounts 

It’s always the priority of corporate clients to go for deals and discounts. Especially when you order a meal for a gathering, corporate clients always prefer to select the deals. 

  • Fresh and healthy food 

The food should be fresh and healthy to avoid any food disorder and to keep the working potential at high. Also, the clients demand that food should be sealed or packed completely. 

Tasty Table Catering fulfills corporate clients’ requests and provides them with fresh and quality food on time. They also provide several deals that corporate clients love to order. 

Best Ways to Secure Corporate Clients 

  • Offer Great Customer Experience

Customers are more likely to trust the recommendations of their friends and family than advertisements. The impact of this marketing, the most powerful marketing strategy, can be seen in situations like these.

To keep your customers returning and ensuring that they would refer your catering services to their friends, you need to provide them with an outstanding experience that will keep them loyal to your services.  And as a result, you will surely gain more customers.

Adopting catering software that manages the entire ordering process is one method to ensure that your customers have an outstanding experience when they use your services.

Instead of going back and forth to you over the phone or email, customers can place orders effortlessly without any issues using the facilities technology offers. A complex procedure makes the customer’s ordering experience more difficult.

  • Use Social Media

The world that we live in now is entirely digital. Consequently, many individuals do searches and make purchases for virtually everything online, making it simple for prospective customers to locate your business.

However, for customers to locate your company online; you will first need to build a digital presence on the web. And what can be some of the more efficient ways to enjoy an online presence? By utilizing various forms of social media.

Using the great social media resources, you may find new customers for your catering business. In addition to using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep in touch with family and friends, most internet users now conduct local business research. Your profile makes a favorable first impression and explains why people should follow you. 

Your profile should include a link to your website or an online menu, your company’s name, what it is that you do, and the customers you serve.

Tasty Table Catering provides all its services online. We also have a Facebook page where clients can get all the information regarding our catering menu, cost, timings, services etc. 

  • Time Management and Planning Required 

The catering company’s management and planning must outline every step necessary to host a great event if it hopes to keep clients happy.

To avoid any confusion at the very end, it is imperative that lists be compiled in advance and that tasks be assigned to specific individuals. When hosting on behalf of other people, time management is a crucial rule to follow. These individuals have paid the bill for the professionalism your business gives and the stress they save. Therefore, everything should be prepared before the event. This will ensure less stress on the day of the event, and that attention can be focused on the particulars, such as setting up, etc.

  • Must have Trained Staff

There is nothing more useful for a company than having a professional staff that appreciates the significance of providing one-of-a-kind experiences and ensuring the delight of their customers. The first thing that needs to be done is to get the employees on board with the company’s ideology and then allow them the autonomy to carry it out.

To provide a smooth user experience for the clients, the team must grasp their specific roles and collaborate well. Managers frequently cannot dig into the situation’s details when there is a lot of work and essential duties to be handled. The Tasty Table Catering team will efficiently handle duties and get all of the work done, such as talking to vendors, guaranteeing prior planning, and even handling requests and questions from the client’s end of the transaction.

  • Versatile Menu

The first and most important rule to follow to satisfy clients and carve out your space in the market is to examine the items offered on your menu and consider how they might be improved. All of the foods on the menu ought to be delicious and recently prepared. If you intend to provide the same old sandwich bites along with the coffee, then there is no way that you will be able to differentiate yourself from the other businesses in the area.

After you have become an expert with your menu and have added new and unique products, you should divide it into distinct offerings that may be served at various events. For instance, the menu for a special occasion will be very different from the menu for a meal at the office, and you will also need to present it differently. Learn to anticipate the needs of the consumer and then do everything in your power to fulfill those requirements.

Tasty Table Catering offers a unique and versatile menu to the corporate office. They provide its buffet plan and box lunches with multiple meals, sides, desserts, and salads.