Basics on Mardi Gras Parties

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  • Post last modified:September 14, 2023
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As Mardi Gras approaches, it is important to think about how to boost motivation and energy in the office by celebrating! That’s why here in Tasty Table Catering besides our tasty Gluten Free and Vegan menu we offer you some tips to consider as well as a brand new MARDI GRAS MENU:

Mardi Gras Party Basics

Mardi Gras is known for its wild parties, but it also serves as an occasion to indulge regardless of your religious beliefs. It is known as “the feast before the fast,” and is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday for Catholics. If you’re hosting your own Mardi Gras party this year, you can still draw inspiration from the Big Easy’s history and tradition to recreate the infamously wild and crazy parades of New Orleans with Tasty Table Catering’s Mardi Gras Menu.  (If your corporate center food operation closed, we might have the solution for you and your tenants).

Get the vibe.

Bright color schemes and spectacular decorations are hallmarks of Mardi Gras celebrations. According to event planner Michelle Norwood of Michelle Norwood Events in New Orleans, “it is all about the colors: purple, yellow, and green.” Make a playlist with songs that are connected with the holiday, such as “Hey Pocky A-Way” by The Meters, and include “trees filled with beads and glitter” for added glitz. You only need second line music and all New Orleans jazz and bounce, according to Norwood. What about the dress code? “Costumes,” Norwood answers. In essence, Mardi Gras is Halloween for grownups.

Plate up the favorites.

Since giving up meat is a part of the Lenten ritual, and many people also give up sweets or other meals, providing a wide array of delectable delights allows everyone to enjoy. Serve your family’s favorite dishes, such as po’ boys, king cake, and pancakes. Norwood also suggests drinking authentic New Orleans daiquiris as you celebrate.

All day celebration.

The atmosphere should be more important than the details while celebrating Mardi Gras. Norwood describes the atmosphere as a “high-energy, all-day party,” noting that the march starts at 8 a.m. “As a little girl I have the fondest memories of Mardi Gras: Walking for miles to get to the parade route and spending all day watching all the gorgeous floats go by—it was truly a time to remember. The beads, the floats, the bands, the flamethrowers. They have parades in other places but nothing like New Orleans.”
By following these tips, you can ensure to have a lively colorful celebration this Mardi Gras! And if what you are looking for is a great catering service, here in Tasty Table Catering we have you covered with our Vegan and Gluten Free menu, as well as our limited time Mardi Gras Menu!