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Free Food for Employees: Why It’s a Good Idea

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  • Post last modified:December 27, 2022
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Free food at work is a greatly appreciated benefit by employees, this is not just a nice perk, but also demonstrates that the company values its workers and appreciates them. As a result, providing free meals should not be overlooked by today’s employers.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the five biggest benefits of free food at work for your company and your employees.

Improved employee retention

According to USA Today, free food can increase job satisfaction by 67%. This shows that the company values its employees and creates a supportive environment. This is a highly sought-after perk, especially for millennials (Is your corporate center food operation closed? We might have the solution for you and your tenants!).

Increased productivity

As lunchtime approaches, employees may start to become less focused as they think about getting their next meal. This can be a major source of distraction and decrease productivity. When you are providing a free meal at the office, you remove this distraction and increase productivity. In Tasty Table Catering we have our Corporate Menu so this will become a much easier task for you!

Providing free meals to employees is affordable

Free food at work can be a cost-effective benefit for companies to offer. This is because the cost of providing a daily $10 meal to a full-time employee is $2,600 per year. When the company pays $40 per hour to an employee, including benefits, and loses 15 minutes each day, a free-food meal plan can effectively pay for itself.

Free meals can improve company culture

Free meals are an effective way to bring a diverse group of people together and create strong social bonds. As a result of that eating together allows employees to make connections outside of their teams and departments.

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Even occasional free lunches can have significant benefits

While it may not be feasible for every company to offer free meals every day, there are still ways. Even offering a weekly catered meal or daily coffee and bagels can be much-appreciated and improve job satisfaction. This impact will be much bigger if you ask for your employees food preferences. That’s why in Tasty Table Catering we have our Vegan Menu and Gluten Free Menu!


Free food at work has numerous benefits, including improved job satisfaction and productivity. This is because employers have a range of options for providing meals to employees.