Does Providing Free Food at Work Send a Positive Environment at a Workplace?

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  • Post last modified:December 21, 2022
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Are you trying to make positive changes in the office environment, but you don’t know how to start? Well, that is a good plan and actually the answer is so easy, free food. Yes, free food for your employees.

Do you know that offering food to employees can be a brilliant method to satisfy them? Shortly, the company offers additional benefits such as free food because this way is proven to make employees happier and it has higher levels of employee retention.

According to an article from Forbes, a survey that was conducted on 1,200 employees who’s working in several companies with 20 or more employees was conducted by Seamless, which is an online shipping and retrieval service in the US and the UK. The results of the survey are:

  • 60% of respondents said that getting food that’s provided by companies around the office made them feel more valued and appreciated.
  • More than half of the respondents said that free lunch influenced their decision to accept job offers.
  • 60% of respondents said that free lunch can encourage employees to eat with coworkers.
  • A third of respondents said that free meals given at meetings could encourage employees to attend optional meetings.

The results of this survey showed that a company doesn’t need to provide a lot of incentives to motivate employees. The survey stated that small things can stimulate interest and help employees to feel more comfortable at work.

Based on the survey, a company can establish a cooperation with food service or food catering to provide for their employees free meals or food company. It can be gluten free (such as Asian shrimp stir fry with jasmine rice or butternut squash risotto with leeks), vegan (such as Moroccan salad with hummus, cucumber, almondor cauliflower with fried rice with Portabella a steak), vegetarian, halal food, and many more. By doing this, the employees can be more satisfied to work in the office.

The Benefit of Providing Food Company in the Office

There are several benefits of offering free food to employees at work to make them happy. Providing the right food based on what the employees consume daily will make them thankful because it means the company gives them special attention. Thus, the way you establish a cooperation with food service should be based on the employee’s preference. And here is the benefit of providing food at work based on Bitesbee.

  • Increase employee work productivity 

Someone who feels hungry while working at work becomes unproductive. In short, providing food for employees will allow them to focus more on working and completing deadlines on time. They will not think about what to eat for lunch and where to eat while working. High productivity can make employees work better and this can benefit the company.

Productivity itself isn’t directly linked to food, but food can be a mood booster when someone is stuck at work. By providing meals at the workplace, companies are able to provide the necessary encouragement to help them perform better.

  • The key to make employees happier 

When we talk about a positive work environment, the first thing that comes to our mind is happy employees. How to make employees happy is a big question that must be solved. One way that companies can do it by offering food to employees. Providing food to employees will give them no reason to leave the workplace to get food elsewhere.

During this time, companies often complained about the long breaks employees took to get their food. Employees who do not bring food tend to spend more time looking for food outside of  the workplace which causes them to extend their time off. Offering free food to employees makes them get tremendous benefits from the company.

When you provide a food counter at work, at least, the employees don’t spend too much time finding the food they are going to take for lunch. Or, if you already cooperate with food service, they can send the lunch food to your office. This way can be a practical method to provide food for the employees.

  • Can improve the workplace environment 

Providing meals to employees is a great plan of promoting an overall conducive workplace environment. People become more sociable when they are full and it means less tension at work. This is certainly a good condition for a work team. Recognition of employees is not enough to entertain and retain your employees. But, free food can do much better.

So, companies need to offer additional facilities to make their life hassle free. Free food can be one of the perks that can make a better workplace. Positive and conducive environment at work is important to make them feel comfortable to work. And improving the workplace environment is directly related to employee happiness. So if you’re really looking to take your office culture up a notch, order your company meal today.

  • Able to create creative ideas 

Routines are great, but they sometimes make it easy for employees to get stuck in a routine. When you give your employees regular meals, things can encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and get more creative while making small changes. Allowing your employees to free their minds and ideas can welcome great and better opportunities. Combined creativity will benefit your company more than you can imagine!

  • Increased loyalty with increased office culture 

In the end, giving free meals to employees is one of the best ways to increase their loyalty to your business. By treating them well through food, they will return respect and loyalty back to you. In metropolitan cities, most of the employees are from different hometowns which makes them less suitable for home-cooked meals.

So, offering free meals can deprive them of eating fast food, which is not good for our health. In addition, employees tend to hold on to such benefits, which means they have fewer thoughts to explore opportunities outside.


From that explanation, now we know that a company that provides free food or food company will make the employees loyal to the company. Thus, if you haven’t started it, yet, it’s time to make a real plan. Make sure you establish a cooperation with trusted and reliable food service or food catering, just like Tasty Table.

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