Meeting Clients Face-to-Face

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We had a lot going on last week as we dealt with a surge of deliveries. Despite the chaos, I (the owner) chose to personally handle the Vanguard luncheon for 30 guests. Is there anything special about meeting clients in person? It’s an opportunity to engage on a deeper level, to demonstrate that I’m more than just the owner, but someone who is eager to step in and get their hands dirty to make sure everything runs properly.

Corporate Breakfast
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The Importance of Meeting In-Person\

Meeting Janice, with whom I had previously only chatted on the phone, was a highlight of the day. Face-to-face encounters have a magical quality that cannot be recreated over the phone. She brought me to the conference room where the business team’s luncheon buffet would be prepared.

But here’s where things got interesting: Janice had a different idea for the buffet design. She requested that the sandwiches be placed first, followed by the salads. This was in contrast to our customary approach, in which we encouraged customers to begin with salads before progressing to more hearty dishes. I explained our logic to Janice—that leftover sandwiches disappear quickly, whereas salads frequently go untouched.

Corporate Lunch for 30

This meeting reminded me of the value of communication and adaptability in our area of business. It’s interesting, no matter if we are serving clients in Malvern, Wayne or King of Prussia corporate centers, the setup is the same for us because of our experience. Yet, many clients have their own unique way of setting up a corporate catered luncheon regardless if its hot or cold, but our commitment to understanding and delivering on the client’s vision remains constant.

At the end of the day, it’s more than just presenting food; it’s about creating an experience that will last. Whether it’s accepting last-minute modifications or modifying the buffet layout, our goal is always the same: to exceed our clients’ expectations and leave them satisfied.

As I reflect on my interactions with Janice and the Vanguard team, I am reminded of the value of developing human connections in business. Beyond the details of catering, it is the human connections that truly make a difference. And it is these ties that I value the most in my work as owner and operator of our catering business.

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