Planning Your Perfect Wedding Reception

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How to Plan a Blissful, Great Catered Grand Wedding Reception

Are you worried about how to make your wedding reception perfect in all aspects? Do not worry; we have covered your back. Here we are going to share some tips that will help you make your reception an amazing event just like your fantasies. Couples spend months planning their wedding, which they dreamt of. Most of the time, they focus on the venue and photography aspects but still, some things go unplanned.

Planning a wedding is not an easy job. It is tiring and overwhelming, especially when you are on the rollercoaster of your emotions. In all these scenarios, some things go unplanned. Not because you forgot about them, but because of some unprofessionals; who ruin your big day due to their inability and negligence. For instance, your hired wedding caterer serves lower quality bad-tasting food in an unprofessional way that can ruin your image in front of your guests.   

Tasty Table Catering has years of experience serving many clients by providing above-expectation services. Here we will share some tips that we gathered from our experience about how you can plan your blissful, great, catered wedding reception.

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Choose a Stunning Reception Venue 

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In wedding planning, the first thing that comes to mind is the venue. To choose a venue, you first have to set your budget. You can easily find beautiful and amazing locations in different budget ranges. It depends on your desire, that is how you would like to celebrate your special day. Barnyards, country yards, hotels, banquets, riverside, indoors, outdoors, and other types of venues are available. 

Need Some Additional Assistance?

If you are confused, Tasty Table Catering has dedicated a whole website page for you. You can choose your venue from that page or at least get an idea of what will suit you. According to our experience, you can save money by selecting a venue that allows outside caterers and vendors. It will help you control what and how much is served.  

Creating a Memorable Wedding with the Right Catering Essentials

A good catering service is a crucial part when planning your grand wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you will regret a lifetime for choosing a bad catering service. We have a secret sauce for you for selecting a good wedding caterer. After setting your budget, see who has the most satisfied clients by reading online reviews or asking any friends or family members for help. 

After listing down some caterers, check if their service, food quality, and presentation of the food meet your standards within your budget, then select your menu type. Check your dates and events to ensure the caterers are available by that time. Before finalizing the deal, taste their menu and inform them of any dietary restrictions. 

Tasty Table Catering can recommend some more tips for the selection of dishes according to your budget, theme, and choice. 

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A Perfect Cocktail Hour 

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Cocktail hour is the most awaited part of every wedding. It is a happy moment for guests of all ages, but let’s make it lively for the hosts too. Slow music, comfortable seats, dim lighting, and light appetizers will enlighten your guests’ moods and make them relax.

You can offer a range of popular cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails in your wedding bar under your budget. Provide your own drinks to the wedding caterers or the bartender of your choice. If any unopened drinks are left, you can return them within 30 days with a receipt and receive a refund. Tasty Table catering can help you choose the right beverages and appetizers. 

Make Your Reception Blissful

You chose your theme, menu, wedding cake, dresses, and stage. Now is the time to select a professional wedding planner who has a keen eye for details and can execute your vision.

The wedding planner should be able to create a timeline to ensure that events of the day run smoothly and guests know what to expect. Must choose the right music and entertainment for your ceremony and reception. Coordinate effectively with the videographer and photographer to capture your memories. The most essential part is coordinating with the florist to decorate a dreamy stage for you. 

Tasty Table catering can suggest some florists and other decorating teams who can create ethereal wedding decorations for you.

Tasty Table Catering is proud to help their clients for planning a blissful great catered grand wedding ceremony. As wedding caterers, our prime focus is to meet your standards and serve high-quality, beautifully presented, and delicious food for your wedding. For more information contact us.

If you want to learn more about our menu, please visit our menu page. For more information about venues or wedding decorations, read our blog or visit our ‘The Best Venue‘ page.