How to Throw a High School Reunion Right!

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Looking for some creative and memorable class reunion ideas? Then you’ve come to the correct place because that’s precisely what we have in store for you here at Tasty Table Catering! We welcome you to not just look at our best class reunion ideas, but also check out our Tasty Table Catering menu for any catering needs you might have for your reunion!

Themes & Decorations

A reunion theme can be used to guide the selection of cuisine, décor, music, and activities. Attending a reunion is like to turning back the clock, so plan a theme that transports you to that age. Consider a sock hop, a rock ‘n’ roll revue, a psychedelic ’70s blowout, or a ’80s disco craze to coincide with the graduating year. Recreate your high school prom theme or consider hosting the reunion at your old school’s gymnasium. You could wish to plan your reunion around your school’s homecoming weekend. This allows you to include current school activities, such as a football game, into your reunion celebration.

Using your school colors when decorating for your class reunion is a requirement. The following things should include as much of your school’s spirit, colors, mascot, and motto as feasible.
Tablecloths, napkins, plastic ware, plates, drinking glasses, and so on can all be customized. Include artifacts such as old school photos, class photos, school pennants, sports memorabilia, class year banners, school motto banners, school logos, and so on as wall art.
Balloon Arches—For added effect, hang balloons in the shape of an arch, alternating school colors.
Centerpieces—Flowers in school colors make an excellent choice for center displays.
Inflated Helium Balloons—These should be scattered throughout the venue to maintain school spirit.
Mascot—Invite your former mascot to join in the fun!

At Tasty Table we can help plan for all kinds of reunion themes! Linens and table clothes of any color, specialized colored food, decoration rentals, etc. Check out our website to find out more about catering and planning for your upcoming reunion!

Make Memories

Many graduates cherish their recollections of glory days. Solicit yearbooks and high school images from reunion attendees. Make photo boards to showcase or make a slide presentation with music from the time period. Add senior portrait head pictures to name badges to make it simpler to identify classmates. If your class has championed athletics or other extracurricular activities, request that medals and banners be used on the night of your celebration from the school. Invite old professors to the celebration. Invite participants to bring a recent photo to make a then-and-now photo collage. Compile information on each classmate to create a print or digital booklet that may be sent to each attendee at the end of the reunion.


When it comes to the cuisine and dining style for your class reunion celebration, you have several options. Speak with your caterer to determine what is best for your event, choosing from a selection of food service alternatives based on your venue, the formality of your reunion, the number of attendees, and your budget. Here are some suggestions:
Buffett self-service
Table service in the manner of a family
Dinner service in a formal setting
Desserts, tea, and coffee
Cocktail gathering with drinks and hors d’oeuvres passed by hand
Chef-action station for interactive brunch meals

By following these tips, you can ensure to have a lively memorable celebration this reunion season! And if what you are looking for is a great catering service, here at Tasty Table Catering we have you covered with our full corporate and event menus, as well as our Vegan and Gluten Free menu!