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5 Reasons to Have an Employee Meal Program

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  • Post last modified:December 27, 2022
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With many employees currently working from home due to COVID-19, an employee meal program may not seem necessary. However, as we return to working in the office, a dining program will become important. Companies like Facebook, Google, and eBay have long recognized the benefits of offering food and snacks to their employees.

A survey of 1,000 full-time office workers found that those who have access to a meal program are 67% “extremely” or “very” happy with their job, compared to 56% of those who do not (Is your corporate center food operation closed? We might have the solution for you and your tenants!).

Implementing a new dining program, can be especially exciting for employees who are tired of the same meals. It can provide an opportunity to try new dishes and build stronger work relationships. Additionally, offering free food to employees increases productivity and improves team relationships.

The Five Benefits of an Employee Meal Program

Punctual Employees.

By providing breakfast and lunch, you can help employees avoid spending time preparing their own meals. This can also eliminate anxiety about finding a place to eat for lunch, allowing employees to take a proper break . This is why in Tasty Table Catering we have our Corporate Menu!


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Stronger Employee Relationships

By providing lunch in a break room, employees are more likely to socialize with team members and build stronger relationships within the company. This can also show employees that you value their need for a break during the day.

Increased Productivity

When employees take a lunch break, they can return to work feeling energized and focused. Allowing them to leave their desks for a proper break can also prevent burnout. If you consider their preferences they will be even more happy to start working. That’s why in Tasty Table Catering we have Vegan and Gluten Free menus!

Support Your Local Economy

An employee meal program can also provide an opportunity to support local businesses. By ordering fresh food and meals from local producers and restaurants.

Healthier Employees

With an employee meal program, employees have easy access to healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. This can help them feel happier and healthier and prevent them from having to rely on fast food options. To implement an employee meal program, consider consulting with your employees to find out what they would like to eat.