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Corporate Catering


Your unmatched team of talent paired with our team of culinary perfectionists.

Interested in choosing Tasty Table Catering for your seminar, meeting, or corporate event? Tasty Table offers upscale and modern service, menus, and hospitality, all with a focus on meeting today’s budgets, but never sacrificing quality and service. We only use fresh ingredients and have on-time delivery guaranteed. We specialize in affordable, custom full-service events and drop-off meals at your offices, or at one of greater Philadelphia’s amazing venues.

Whether your corporate meal requires a simple food drop off, or if you’re interested in a full service event, Tasty Table Catering is capable of taking care of your needs.

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Sandwiches and salads for a long meeting… Hot lunches for company retreats… Cocktails and snacks for receptions and conferences… We can do it all.

Our goal is to make your corporate event an experience your guests won’t forget. Providing food at an important meeting or event improves focus and alert, and removes the curiosity of a lunch break time. Instead, you and your associates can focus on the important stuff. The benefit of a smaller, local business is the opportunity to provide a healthy meal that is still highly customizable.

Whether you want to enhance your team’s productivity, impress your clients, or make your employees feel appreciated… Tasty Table Catering is ready to help.

Click the image of the menu to view our latest corporate drop off menu for a guide to what types of products we offer, or scroll further down to find out all of the different ways you can order from Tasty Table Catering.

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Ways to Order

Order Online

Great catering, only a few clicks away.

Online Ordering

Visit our web shop (powered by Shopify) to create your own order instantly, or to get a quote. A quick and painless way to have great food delivered to your office.

Over the Phone

Call us at 610 251-0265.

Over the Phone

Want to make sure your catering experience fits your vision? Speak to someone in-house directly over the phone.

In-Person Visit

Great catering, only a few clicks away.

In-Person Visit

If you’d like to meet with us in person (for samples or other inquiries), check out our Contact page for our contact information! We’re glad to work with you.

Have a question about our services? Check out our FAQ for answers to basic questions or contact us directly for a quick response.